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Jackie Robinson

1. Jackie Robinson shatters the color barrier, April 15, 1947, Ebbets Field

2. Joe Louis annihilates Max Schmeling, June 22, 1938, Yankee Stadium

3. Lou Gehrig proclaims himself the “luckiest man,” July 4, 1939, Yankee Stadium

4. The Fight: Ali-Frazier I, March 8, 1971, Madison Square Garden

5. Babe Ruth christens the “House That Ruth Built” with a homer, April 18, 1923, Yankee Stadium

6. The Giants win the pennant, October 3, 1951, Polo Grounds

7. “Next year” finally arrives for Brooklyn, October 4, 1955, Yankee Stadium

8. Willis Reed hobbles to the rescue, May 8, 1970, Madison Square Garden

9. The Amazin’ Mets win the World Series, October 16, 1969, Shea Stadium

10. Don Larsen achieves perfection, October 8, 1956, Yankee Stadium

11. Mookie Wilson hits a ground ball to first in Game 6 of the World Series, October 25, 1986, Shea Stadium

12. Fifty-four years later, the Rangers finally win the Stanley Cup, June 14, 1994, Madison Square Garden

13. The Giants crush the Bears in the NFL Championship, December 30, 1956, Yankee Stadium

Mookie Wilson

Reggie Jackson

14. CCNY wins its second national championship .º.º. of the month, March 28, 1950, Madison Square Garden

15. Willie Mays makes “the Catch,” September 29, 1954, Polo Grounds

16. Jack Dempsey outslugs Luis Firpo, September 14, 1923, Polo Grounds

17. Reggie, Reggie, Reggie, October 18, 1977, Yankee Stadium

18. Matty shuts out the A’s, October 14, 1905, Polo Grounds

19. Jimmy Connors defies Father Time, September 2, 1991, Louis Armstrong Stadium

20. Roger Maris beats the Babe, October 1, 1961, Yankee Stadium

21. The Babe hits 60, September 30, 1927, Yankee Stadium22. Joe DiMaggio hits in his 45th straight game, a new record, July 2, 1941, Yankee Stadium

23. Army and Notre Dame shut each other out in “the Battle of the Century,” November 9, 1946, Yankee Stadium, cialis generico italiana ed pillole

24. The Yankees and the Dodgers both win on the season’s final day,
October 2, 1949, Yankee Stadium and Shibe Park

25. The Marathon expands to all five boroughs, October 24, 1976


Jimmy Connors


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New York City sports history, like the city itself, is noisy, self-important and endlessly fascinating. This book ranks the Top 100 greatest days in New York City sports, with essays on each event, but it also chronicles the Top 25 greatest days New York’s teams ever had, the 10 greatest performances by opponents against New York teams and the worst days in New York sports


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